Botany Notes “Types of Species, What is Living” Chapter 1, for Class 12-CBSE

Types of Species 

  1. Morphospecies : Species erected on the basis of morphological characters only.
  2. Taxonomic species : Species having a definite binomial name.
  3. Sibling species : true species which do not interbreed, but are otherwise difficult to separate on the basis of morphological characters alone.
  4. Allopatric species : Species having exclusive areas of geographic distribution.
  5. Sympatric species : Species having overlapping areas of geographic distribution .
  6. Parapatric species : Species with adjacent geographic ranges meeting in very narrow zone of overlap.
  7. Neontological species : living species
  8. Allochronic species : species belonging to different time period.
  9. Synchronic species : Species belonging to same period of time.
  10. Polytypic species : Species which have more than one ideal types (subspecies) according to their geographically isolated areas.

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