Actinomycetes (Ray Fungi) ”Biological Classification” Botany Notes Chapter 2, for Class 12-CBSE

Actinomycetes (Ray Fungi)

1) These are branched, filamentous bacteria and are considered as intermediate form between bacteria and fungi, e.g., Nocardia, Mycobacterium,  Corynebacterium, Frankia, Streptomyces.

2) These filaments from radiating colonies in cultures so are also called mycelia bacteria.

3) Cell wall contains peptidoglycan and is Gram positive in nature. It contains mycolic acid.

4) They are facultative anaerobic, saprophytic, non-motile and are important decomposers of dead organic matter.

5) They reproduce commonly by conidia, sporangiospore, oidia and fragmentation.

6) They are acid fast in nature.

Did You Know?

  1. i) Frankia can fix N2 symbiotically by root module formation in non legumes like – Alnus, Myrica and Casuarina.
  2. ii) Earthy or musty smell of freshly ploughed soil or soil after first shower of rain, is due to oily secretion geosmin by some members like Nocardia, Micromonospora and Streptomyces.

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