Sexual Reproduction, Reproduction in Fungi ”Biological Classification” Botany Notes Chapter 2, for Class 12-CBSE

Sexual reproduction : Sexual reproduction is reduced in Fungi and takes place by two fusing gametes. It includes 3 stages :

  1. a) Plasmogamy : There is union between two haploid protoplasts which results in bringing the fusing nuclei or different parents close together.

In some fungi, plasmogamy is immediately followed by karyogamy. However, in Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes, an intermediate dikaryotic (n+n) condition occurs. This phase is called dikaryophase.

  1. b) Karyogamy : The two haploid nuclei which come together in plasmogamy fuse and fuse and thus , a diploid zygote is produced.
  2. c) Meiosis : Reduction division takes place in the zygote thus, reducing the number of chromosomes to half,

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