English Short Story “The Kick of The Horse” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

The Kick of The Horse

A wolf once saw a horse grazing in the field. He decided to make a prey of him. The horse also noticed the wolf coming. But he did not  lost his wits and pretended his legs to be feeling limp.

“What is the trouble with you?” the wolf asked.

“I have hurt one of my hoofs,” said the horse. “It happened after I stepped on a big thorn.”

“Oh! How tragic,” said the wolf. “Let me examine the wound. I have studied medicine.”

“Oh! Sure, please do,” said the horse. But, as soon as, the wolf bent down to have a closer look at the hoof, the horse gave him a mighty kick throwing him in the  air. The wolf’s legs were fractured. He remained there for days together before he got up and limped his way back into the forest thinking that it was foolish of him to presume that the horse was so weak that he could easily kill and devour him.

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