English Short Story “The Lion’s Breath” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

The Lion’s Breath

Once  a lion suffered from indigestion. He ordered all the doctors from the forest to visit him.

“It is bad breath you are suffering from, Your Majesty,” said the zebra in a very professional manner.

“How dare you, you idiot?” said the lion and tore the zebra into pieces.

“It is quite a pleasant smell,” exclaimed the hyena. He thought it better not to take any risk.

“The flatterer!” roared the angry lion and pounced on the hyena tearing him also into pieces.

“And what is your opinion?” the lion then asked the fox.

“Sorry, Your Majesty!” replied the clever fox. “I am having cold and  I can hardly smell anything.”

The fox was spared.

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