English Short Story “Think before you Act” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Think before you Act

There lived a clever fox in a jungle. One  night she was wandering around in search of food. She was hungry. Suddenly her foot hit a stone; she lost her balance and fell into a well.

She tried her level best to come out but could not succeed. Next morning a billy goat passed that way. He peeped inside the well and said, “What are you doing inside the well?”

“Oh! It is very cool inside. The water is also very sweet. I am enjoying here. You too get in if you wish to share the enjoyment,” said the fox.

The billy goat jumped into the well without giving a second thought. He quenched his thirst with the sweet water of the well. Then he asked fox to let him out.

The fox asked him to stand on his hind legs to get out. The billy goat stood erect on his hind legs. The fox quickly climbed on the back of the billy goat and came out of the well. Then the billy goat asked him to help him get out of the well. The fox said, “If you had ever thought before jumping into  the well, you would not have been there. Now remain there only.” And the fox went away.

It is rightly said that one should not trust others blindly. One must think before one acts.

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