English Short Story “Unity is Strength ” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Unity is Strength 

There was an old man who lived in a small village. He had four sons. he had earned enough in his life to spend the rest of his days happily with his four sons.

The four sons always quarreled with each other for one thing other. The old man tried to teach them to live together, but they never cared to listen to him.

One day, the old man fell ill. He could not get up to work in the fields for many days. He knew that his last days were near. He will not be able to survive for long. He was worried about his sons’ future.

One day, he called his eldest son. He gave him a stick and asked him to break it. The eldest son broke the stick easily. Other sons looked at their father with surprise.

Then the old man asked his second son to break another stick. He too broke the stick easily. The sons thought that their father was testing their physical power.

The old man repeated the same thing with the third and the youngest sons. they all broke the sticks. Now the old man asked them to pick up a bundle of sticks lying near him.

He asked his eldest son to break the bundle of sticks. But he could not break it. The same thing happened to all the other three sons.

Now the father called the sons and said, “Do you realize what I have tried to teach you?”

The sons said, “No” The father said, “Always remember  – ‘Unity is Strength’ – and that is why you could not break the bundle of sticks. In the same manner if you live together , and united, nobody can harm you.”

Now all the sons realized the importance of unity.

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