English Short Story “The Snakes and The Frogs” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

The Snakes and The Frogs

Once there was a water snake , who lived in a pond, which he claimed to be his own. Not far from the pound there lived another snake, a viper, who often went to drink at the pond and said the pond belonged to him only. The water snake challenged the viper and the two snakes decided to settle the matter once for all by fighting a duel.

The frogs supported the viper because they did not like the  water snake. They croaked frantically, when the two snakes had the duel. The viper won the battle. Later, the frogs asked the viper for their share in the victory.

The viper began sizzling, and when the frogs asked what he was doing, the viper said, “I am repaying you in the same manner, you helped me.”

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