English Short Story “Do Not Make Enemies” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Do Not Make Enemies

Once a hunter went to a jungle to hunt animals. While passing through the deep forest, he heard the cracking of dried leaves. He saw a leopard trying to hide himself. But when the leopard saw the hunter advancing towards him, he ran fast and made a long  distance from him. In his way he met a tigress and requested her to allow him to hide in her den. But the requested her to allow him to hide in her den. But the tigress said, “My two cubs are sleeping in the den. Why don’t you take the help of the bear. He can help you.”

The leopard said, “ I know he will not help me. Last week I killed his wife. Please help me.”

 The tigress said , “ As I have already told you, I have no place in my den. You can go to the hairy hare who has made a house near the bushes.”

“How can I go to the hare? He will not trust me at all. Yesterday I ate two of his babies,” said the leopard.

“Make haste. Try to save yourself. The hunter is getting close. I will save myself in my den. I suggest to you to go to wolf; he can give you shelter in his house,” suggested the tigress.

The leopard heaved a deep sigh and said, “ The wolf thinks that I am his enemy. Although I am friendly with him.  But last month, when I was hungry I chased him to a long distance.”

“Oh God! You have made so many enemies. You do not have any fried. You never realized that  friends can help you in bad times. I can only pray to God for you. Friend, run fast. The hunter is coming..”

The tigress hid herself in her den. The hunter reached the spot and killed the leopard. The leopard didn’t get shelter because he had made only enemies.

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