English Short Story “Foolish Abu” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Foolish Abu

Long, long ago, there was an old woman who had a son , whose name was Abu. He was robust and sturdy; but was very foolish. Common sense was something most uncommon with him. Despite being physically extraordinarily strong, he did not being physically extraordinarily strong, he did not like to work, and never helped his old mother.

The poor old woman worked day and night to earn bread and butter for Abu and herself. But Abu sat idle doing nothing. During summer he would go to the garden and sit in the cool shade of a tree, and during winter he would remain in the house throughout the day, thawing his body.

One Sunday Abu’s mother was feeling extremely tired. She said, ‘Abu, when will you realize that you too should do something and help your old mother? After all , how long do you think I am going to live? It’s high time that you did something about improving the situation.”

“What do you expect me to do, dear mother?”

Said Abu. Abu’s mother turned around and said in a rather loud tone, “ do anything , but earn some money. Sitting idle at your age is simply shameful.” Then suddenly in  a fit of anger she said, “Remember, if you don’t earn some money today, you are not going to get food.”     

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