English Short Story “Two Friends and a Bear ” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Two Friends and a Bear

Parvez and Ahmad, the two friends were once walking through a forest, when suddenly they came face to face with a huge black bear. They tried to flee but the bear chased them. Parvez managed to climb up a nearby tree , but Ahmad flung himself on to the ground and lay still pretending to be lifeless. He had heard from his parents that bear do not attack dead creatures.

The bear sniffed at Ahmad’s still body thoroughly and thinking him dead ambled off.

When the danger was over Parvez climbed down the tree and came over the Ahmad and said to him jokingly, “Well, what was it that the bear whispered in your ears?”

Ahmad felt annoyed at this untimely joke. He said, “ The bear said- ‘don’t travel again with such a cowardly friend who abandons you in the face of danger”.

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