English Short Story “Who is the Winner” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Who is the Winner

There was a Hawk who was very proud that he could fly the highest in the sky. Once during the meeting of the birds, the hawk began bragging about his capability of being able to go above the clouds. Most of the birds were full of admiration for him.

But a little sparrow, who  was sitting there, could take his bragging no more. She challenged him and said, “What makes you think that you can fly the highest and there is none who can surpass you? There are birds who can fly higher and faster than you. Even I can fly higher then you. Could you take a challenge from me?”

The hawk looked at the little sparrow in utter disbelief and then suddenly burst into laughter.

“Little sparrow! I commend you for your courage and enthusiasm. But I am greatly surprised to see you throwing a challenge at me. Do you really think you can compete with me? I would suggest to you to rethink about your challenge and then decide about it. Don’t make yourself  a stock of laughter.”

But he sparrow was adamant. Though she was aware that it would not be possible for her to compete with the hawk; still she saw no harm in giving it a try. If she loses, it wouldn’t make much difference, but if somehow she manages to win, it will put an end to the hawk’s bragging. She said, “Mr. hawk! I have thrown a challenge. And now it is up to you accept it or reject it.”

The venue and time was fixed for the competition. Next day all the birds collected in an open field, greatly excited. The hawk and the sparrow also came there, and the competition started at the appointed hour. The sparrow tried her best to fly higher than the hawk; but the hawk was flying with all his might; and seeing the sparrow much below him, the hawk began teasing her and taking dives in the air. In a bid to show the sparrow down, the hawk would suddenly shoot downwards and then again shoot upwards.

All the birds were watching the competition intently, when suddenly they realized that the sparrow had vanished from the scene. Even the hawk was surprised to see the sparrow missing. Thinking that he may have left her much below, he began flying higher and higher. And he flew so high that he could not fly any higher. He was feeling tired also.

Suddenly, to his utter consternation, he saw the sparrow flying above his head. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The sparrow said, “Come on dear! Why don’t you try to fly higher?”

But the hawk was so terribly exhausted that he could not fly an inch higher; he gave up. The birds collected in the ground, also watched in disbelief. Both landed and the sparrow was profusely congratulated. The hawk was feeling very embarrassed; he hung his head in shame; and the sparrow was so  elated with his victory that he could hardly speak . but he was moving with his head held high.

One of the birds took the sparrow in isolation and asked her the secret of her victory. She said, “ In fact, when the hawk began diving up and down in order to tease me , I took the opportunity and landed on his back. My weight is so little that he could not know that I was sitting comfortably on his back. When I realized that he could fly no higher , I felt his back and began flying above his head. I applied my wits to win the competition.”

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