English Short Story “Hans, The Brave Boy” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Hans, The Brave Boy

Children, as you know three fourth of land on earth is covered under water. There are many big oceans and seas. But why does not the sea go over the land? It cannot go over the land because generally the land is higher than the sea. Also there are lands which are not above sea level. But you will be surprised to know that there are lands which are below sea level.

Such a land which is below sea level is Holland. Of course the whole country is not below sea level, but large parts of it are below sea level. People erect flooded and from devastation.

Here is an account of a true story of a boy who saved his town from a certain disaster. His name was Hans. He was a young school boy.

It was about two centuries ago when Holland had the fortune to boast that it had a brave native who brought pride to his country. He risked his life without any self interest.

Hans was a poor boy who lived with his parents in a small village in Holland. The part in which hands lived was below sea level and so a strong and wide wall had been erected to save the village and town from the sea.

Hans was a worthy son and did all that he could to help at home. He would get up early in the morning, dress himself quickly, go out into the yard to cut wood for the fire and bring in water. After having finished all this, he would take his breakfast and go off to his school with his school bag his school was about three miles away from his house.

Part of his way to school was along the sea- wall , and the rest of  nature. He loved walking along and looking at all the interesting things on his way. Thus he had learnt a lot about different kinds of trees and flowers and birds and animals.

But his stopping from time to time for looking at the interesting things on his way caused him delay in reaching his school in time.

One fine morning when Hans was on his way to school , he saw a beautiful bird. Hands was spellbound and continued looking at the beautiful bird for a long time. He had forgotten that he had to go to his school also. While gazing at the bird he suddenly heard the school bell. This made him relies that he was already late for school.

He ran as fast as he could but when he reached his school , he found that the doors were already shut. There was nothing he could do now. He had to stay outside and wait. After about an hour the school gate opened and his teacher let him in.

“Why is it that you are late Hans?” asked his teacher.

“I am extremely sorry sir! In fact, I saw a beautiful bird in the way; I got so lost in its beauty that I forgot that I was getting late for school,” said Hans apologetically.

“ I appreciate your love for nature my boy, but you should not forget that your school is more important than everything else in the world. Anyway… you will have to stay in school for one complete hour after the lessons. I hope you will not be late again.

After the school was over all the boys ran out into the playground whereas poor Hans had to stay in the classroom in order to compensate the one hour delay in the morning. His teacher gave him a new lesson to learn.

At the end of the hour, the teacher called him and asked questions related to the lesson. Hans answered them correctly and was allowed to go home. Hans ran out straight into the playground, but he did not find any of his school friends there. They had all gone home. Hands had to walk alone.

He crossed the cornfields and now he was walking along the sea- wall. It almost evening time. The sun was making its way to the horizon.

Suddenly Hans heard a sound of trickle of water nearby. He became alert as anyone in Holland would. People in Holland were  always cautious about any possible seepage in the sea- wall. Hans moved towards the sound and found a thin trickle of  water through a small hole.

He knew the tremendous pressure of sea water would make the hole bigger in no time. He began thinking quickly. He didn’t know what to do. He was waiting eagerly for someone through whom he could send the message to his village people. One hour passed and no one turned up.

In the mean time the hole had become bigger and the sea water was gushing out. Hans covered the hole with his back firmly on an off- chance that he might be able to stop the flow of water, but all in vain. It didn’t help.

Ultimately clinging to the last ruse, he inserted his whole hand into the hole to plug it. It worked and the flow of water stopped. But how long could he stay in that position? It had already become dark. Still he had a faint hope that someone may happen to pass by and he could seek help. He was feeling a little frightened also, but his sense of duty compelled him to stay there all alone.

“O God! Please send someone to help me. I can’t leave this place,” mumbled Hans in a feeble voice.

But God had willed otherwise. He had decided to  make him the hero of the nation. He was destined to have his name written in golden letter in the history of Holland.

The whole night passed and poor Hans could not get anyone to help him. But his firm determination to save his village and the town from a certain disaster kept him in his place undeterred. By morning his body had become stiff with cold and he had fainted.

In the early hours of morning a workman was walking along the sea-wall on his way to the town. He stopped to see a boy lying unconscious by the sea- wall he went near him out of curiosity.

“Why are you lying here my boy?” asked the workman.

There was no reply.

The workman took a closer look. He saw his right hand inserted into  a hole in the sea- wall and he also noticed a thin trickle of water despite his hand plugging the hole. It took him no time to understand the grave situation.

First the workman checked the pulse and heartbeat of Hans. He was greatly relieved to realize that Hans was alive.

Now the workman had two great responsibilities. She knew Hans personally. He had to save him and also plug the hole.

First he filled the hole with stones and earth. And then he carried Hans in his arms and brought him home.

For many weeks Hans lay in his bed. His condition had become very serious. The doctor had lost all their hopes, but they kept administering medicines and took the best possible care of Hans. They always addressed him with love as – brave little boy’

At the end of the month the doctors saw a thin ray of hope and noticed Hans showing signs of vitality. They became very happy. It was a big success. Hans muttered a few inaudible words which no one could understand. But this was a sure sign of life coming back.

After two days Hans opened his eyes which brought joy and happiness to everyone’s heart. Hans was still very ill; he was muttering a feeble voice-

‘O God! Please send someone to help me. I can’t leave this place.’

The doctors said in a happy tone, “Don’t worry my brave little boy. The sea wall has been repaired; there is no danger now.”

In another few weeks time Hans hay fully recovered and had become the hero of his village, of his town; of his school and above all, the hero of his nation. Holland.

The people of the village came to see him. They brought wonderful presents for him and spoke kindly to him. The most important man of the village came and said to Hans, “Hans, we cannot thank you enough. You risked your life to save our village from the sea, and that too at such a tender age. We shall never forget this kind act of yours. I only wish that all our children will grow up to be like you and be ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their county. Hans, your name will appear in golden letters in the history of Holland.”

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