English Short Story “Do Not be Proud of The Outer Beauty ” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Do Not be Proud of The Outer Beauty 

A peacock and a peahen lived happily together. It was rainy season. The winds were blowing. The clouds were playing  hide and seek. The peacock was thrilled to see the weather. He came out in the garden. He spread his plumes out and began dancing happily. The peacock was feeling proud of his plumes.

The peahen also came after the peacock. She was also enjoying the winds. The peacock asked the peahen- “God has given me so much beauty to appreciate. I have such a pretty plume of feathers. I can spread it while dancing. Are you never jealous of my beauty?

“No, not at all, “ said the peahen confidently, “God has given you outer beauty, but he has given me inner beauty which is the actual beauty.”

“But how is one to see inner beauty,” said the peacock mockingly.

“Inner beauty is something that cannot be seen with these eyes,” said the peahen.

The peacock said,”  I am sorry , I couldn’t quite follow what you said.”

The peahen became serious and said, “Look! God has given you beauty and you are proud of it. But suppose there is no one to see your beauty; your beauty will become meaningless. But look at me. I am not charming like you; but I posses inner beauty; a beauty of becoming a loving mother. A mother who gives birth to males and females both. You have also been mothered by some peahen. So peahens may be ugly but they give birth to beauty; and that is what I call inner beauty.”

The peacock realized his mistake.

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