English Short Story “Man is more Powerful than Animal” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Man is more Powerful than Animal

A stag and a hind lived in a forest. They lived happily and enjoyed life grazing green grass.

Once the hind gave birth to a son. She was excited that her son was very healthy. He was growing fast. Before he grew up, his father, the stag, was killed by a hunter.

The hind was extremely sad. She took a vow to avenge her husband’s death. She taught her son to be brave and face difficulties with courage.

After a year the son was fully grown up and had become strong. He had very large and strong antlers.

His mother reminded him that he had to avenge his father’s death.

The son could not understand what her mother meant? He said.”Who killed my father? How can I take a revenge?”

The mother said, “You have strong antlers and a beautiful body. You are courageous also. I have trained you all along in order to prepare you physically and mentally and now is the right time when you should kill the kill of your father.

The son could understand the  feelings of his mother. He assured her that  her wish will be fulfilled.

On the next day when the son was grazing with his mother, he saw a hunter  coming. The mother and the son hid themselves behind thick bushes.

When the hunter came near them, the son came before him and started running. The hunter chased him but the son was already prepared for this situation. He darted in the opposite direction and hid himself behind a shrubbery, the branches of which concealed him from view.

The hunter came searching for him and began looking around. He was not aware of his presence there. Suddenly the stag’s son came out from behind the shrubbery and attacked him with all his might and power.

The attack was sudden and powerful. The hunter was not ready for it. He could not take the blow and lost his balance. This was the opportune time for the son. Without losing a single moment, he thrust his pointed and forked antlers into the hunter’s stomach.

But the hunter was a fast shooter. While falling on the ground due to injury, he pulled out his gun and shot at him. The aim was perfect.

Seeing her son wounded, the hind came running from behind the bushes with tears in her eyes. The hunter was lying dead and her son was about to breathe his last. He said in  a low tone, “Mother! I have fulfilled your wish. I have avenged my father’s death like a brave son. But I must admit that a man is more powerful than animals.” The hind had also realized it but at the cost of her husband and son.

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