English Short Story “The Beating of A Wolf” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

The Beating of A Wolf

The fox could not altogether agree with the wolf’s view that he was the strongest of all the animals.

“A man is stronger than you,” said the fox.

“Show me the one and I will show you what I mean,” growled the wolf.

An old man went by.

“That’s the man,” said the wolf. “ I am going to fight with him.” “wait, he is an old man let a young man show up.”

Soon a young man appeared on the scene. The fox jumped on his feet and said to the wolf, “That ‘s   the man.”

The wolf pounced on the young man. The young man, who was actually a hunter, beat up the wolf mercilessly. The fox laughed and said, “Now you see, what I meant.”


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