CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Advanced Robotic Technology” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Theme: Industry


Scientific Principle: While making “AIRT-24” ROBOT we have focus on three main robotic principle of Isac ashimov along with information technology, Artificial intelligence, robotic technology, Instrumentation and machine.

The major parameter of evaluation of “AIRT-24” include originality of innovation according to above discussed scientific principle technical skills, utility.


1. It can be placed in a combat field to observe and control the working of any activity in a area without slackness, failure and destruction. It faces any abnormality from unwanted enemy.

2. It can be install in a space to keep control on any abnormality and take measure to take appropriate action to keep normal position and can also help in space research to improve the situation.

3. It can be safe and guard the railway station, government building, offices and public places to keep a complete watch round the clock.

4. It can be install in large scale growing industry.

5. It can be install to agriculture sector to keep watch suggest measures to improve the quality of soil moisture and natural effect of weather etc. Needed in agriculture field. Material Used:

6. “Cameras, radars and possibly firearms that automatically perform random and programmed patrols around a military base or govt. installation, Mechanical, Electrical and software material such as LDR (Light Detecting resistance), WDR (Water Detecting resistance), Navigation system, Driving system, Tracking system etc. are being intalAIRT-24” autonomous four wheeled combat robot that can perform desired task in unstructured environment without continuous human guidance. To make “AIRT-24” fully automatic we used different Artificial Intelligence material. It is outfitted with several led.

7. For a high quality and high resolution vision, infrared, thermal, X-Ray cameras has been used.

8. For new communication new combat system which include communication and speech.

9. Recognition software for better communication between robo and soldier and base control room.

10. “AIRT-24” mechanism include hard and durable body structure and advanced suspension, chesis and hydrolic servo motors which help in flexible and better movement. High performance engine and servo motors enhance its working speed.

11. Navigation system of robot include the magnetic sensor which help to maintain a diagrammatic situation of field. It can sense the obstacle in the path how big they by calculating their position from current place.

12. It includes advance infrared cameras and sensor in which infrared filter are used to capture the near “TRay” imaging which is imaging using for- infrared or Terahertz radiation. Infrared system help robot to navigate in dark night and also provide clear night mode vision. Thermal cameras can sense the heat energy released by human or by a machine. These cameras are mostly used in winter, rainy and dusty weather.


1. This model can utilize in all field such as space mission, combat mission, industrial, agricultural and infrastructural, security etc.

2. This robot is used in industries to examine the working of machine and provide control over them. It can be used for security purpose of individuals, historical buildings ect. In infrastructure it is used to examine the structure of the building and can detect the fault in them.

3. In battle field it can watch the enemies and can attack on them after the order from base control.

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