CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Electromagnetic Induction” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Theme: Industry

Write Up:

Objective/Aim: To demonstrate the working of an induction furnace by using the concept of electromagnetic induction and
eddy currents.

Scientific Principle Involved: ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION: When a piece of bulky metal is exposed to a varying magnetic field, which in turn changes the magnetic flux, then a voltage is generated in the piece of metal.

Eddy Currents: When a piece of bulky metal is exposed to a varying magnetic field, causing a change in magnetic flux, then currents are induced in the piece of metal, in the form of loops, all over the volume of the metal, causing a heating effect in the metal. The induced currents oppose the cause producing it. Material Used: Copper Wire 18/20 no, soft iron rods, frame to support, porcelain pot, metal piece, magnets, connection wire, etc.

Working/Investigation/Findings: When the magnetic flux is varied (by changing the magnetic field) through a region bounded by a soft iron core, then eddy currents are produced which oppose the cause of the changing flux. These currents produce a heating effect, which helps in melting the metal substance, enclosed in the vessel placed in the region of changing magnetic flux. Utility and further scope of the project: This model visualizes a better way to melt metals for industrial use without polluting the environment, and making minimal use of energy sources viz.
fossil fuels and time.

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