CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Conversion of plastic waste into useful fuels” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Theme: Industry

Name: Conversion of plastic waste into useful fuels

To manage the plastic waste from microbial degradation. Preparation of carbon nano-tubes through plastic waste. Conversion of plastic waste into useful fuels. Cleaning the environment through plastic waste management.

Problems: Plastic is required everywhere, that is in electronics, home appliances and many more. But plastic is harmful for flora, fauna and life.

Current Solution: As we have seen that the rate of consumption of plastic has increased drastically it has given rise to another problem of plastic disposal. It has affected our environment to a great

extent as:
It is dumped in the marine sources.
It is used in landfills.
It is burned in the incinerator.

Scientific principle:

Microbial Degradation: Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is one of the major sources of environmental pollution. In the present study, the pieces of LDPE plastic bags were inoculated with bacterial strain, Bacillus subtilis and observed microscopically after 4 months. The breakdown of polymers result in formation of Carbon Dioxide which was examined using lime water.

Carbon Nanotubes: Plastic is exposed to temperature of 700. C in presence of a catalyst Cobalt Acetate in an autogenic pressure tube which converts it into carbon nanotubes. The Chemical bonds within the plastic is completely broken down causing carbon in the plastic to grow as nanotubes.

Pyrolysis: Mechanism behind pyrolysis is Initiation, propogation and termination.

Innovation: While isolating the bacteria it was observed that the bacteria has a degradation property. When put is soil it was noted that the bacteria forms a coating over plastic and gradually breaks the chemical bonds by utilizing the carbon present in the plastic.

Carbon nanotubes are the backbone of nanotechnology and are very costly to produce but can be produced at only at a fraction of cost if produced with the help of waste plastic and have a wide range of uses.

Further scope of the project: Saving environment is very important for the growth of any country and plastic has already polluted and degraded our environment. So use of plastic would be necessary in should be managed properly.

Plastic can be modified to Organoplast which will be ecofreindly.

Conclusion: Industrial production of Carbon Nanotubes and Bacterial Strain powder will provide fast and easy access to plastic waste management.

If Bacterial strain powder is mixed with raw plastics like PE, PVC etc. then we can produce organoplast which can be used industrially for further use.

If the government initializes the construction of SSI (Small Scale Industries) for multipurpose plastic waste management then it would be a revolution in the history of plastic.

Setup of Multipurpose plastic waste management industries will be very beneficial in future for generation of revenue.

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