CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Garbage Management ” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Project Name: Garbage Management

Project Theme: Industry

Poor garbage management is one of the biggest problems faced by the people of India these days. India is ranked at 71st position for the best place to live on earth. Our garbage disposal methods are one of the significant factors which contribute to the less attractive image of our country.

Garbage: It is the waste material of any product household or industrial but the word refers more to household waste. Scientifically, these are those things which are not used since last six months, it could be anything.

Garbage can be divided into two types: – Biodegradable and Non Biodegradable

Biodegradable Garbage: These include those materials which can be decomposed.

Non Biodegradable Garbage: These include those materials which cannot be decomposed. Cases showing generation of garbage and its process of recycling and usage of garbage

CASE -1: Quintals of flowers and fruits gets wasted in worshipping; spreading diseases. The good thing about this is it is all bio-degradable. So, we will dig all those flowers and fruits making a patch over it which is connected to the dynamo with the help of pipe and also barometer to check the pressure of gases which would help to make electricity.

Therefore when the waste gets completely decomposed, decaying gases will arises and get collected in the dome and by checking the ___ pressure of the gas we could generate a minimum of electricity to meet their monthly requirement of electricity.

CASE 2: Gallons of milk wasted at Shiv temple in worshiping. According to the structure of Shivling at the outlet from where the milk goes out we will connect a pipe with two filters which will take out the impurities. Further this pipe will be connected to a tank in which we will save it for further use.

CASE 3: The endless plastic garbage Since it is a non biodegradable material we have to deal with it in a different manner. First, we will separate soft and hard plastics from the garbage. Afterwards they shall be washed properly and captain separate containers.

Then we will add kerosene in both the containers and heat it by using animal waste such as cow dung which can be easily collected from the road sides. The plastic will be heated till it is melted. The melted plastic in both the containers will be then mixed together. This mixture will be then poured into silicon or any general moulds to give any desired useful shape.

Suggested Model of Garbage Uses: Below we describe how we plan to execute the three scenarios of garbage recycling and its uses that we have discussed earlier in the project. Following is the said blueprint (set up) of our proposed ideas.

We will take a table and attach metal planks of 4 inches to the sides of the table making a compartment. Then we will fill one-third of the compartment with water.

The next step is to attach plastic bottles by sticking them so that they cover the complete area of the compartment and place them over the water in the compartment making them float. For the above,

we can use old and used plastic bottles.

After this we will place a plank of the same length and breadth of the compartment above the bottles. This will form a floating platform for our project. Then we will divide the platform into two equal sections. In the two compartments we will build two similar societies. One of the societies will be build showing the present conditions of our society and the other one showing a society after implying the suggested garbage recycling and usage methods in this project.

Also, we will keep the soil containing decomposed flowers and fruits. This soil shall be made earlier as it is a slow process requiring a large amount of time.

Name of the School: St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School, Udaipur (Raj).

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