CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Light Weight tiles from Flyash” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Project Theme: Industry

Project Name: Light Weight tiles from Flyash

Scientific Principle: Fly ash being pozzolanic in nature reacts with lime and water to form stable calcium silicate hydrate(C-S-H) and calcium aluminate hydrate(C-A-H) which fills the pores, increases the strength, chemical resistance and durability. Natural fibers like coir helps in binding the ingredients together and making the product light weight. Gypsum acts as a retarder in the process of quick hardening of cement.

Method/Procedure Followed: 80-85% of fly ash, 14-19% of cement and 0-0.5% of 1 inch length coir fiber or 80-85% of fly ash, 15-20% burnt lime + 2-5% of gypsum and 0.5-1% of 1 inch length
coir fiber were mixed in a pan mixer with addition of 40-45% of water. Unique Features of the Exhibit Made from industrial waste, light in weight, cost effective than timber, plywood, concrete tiles, fire resistant, water proof, low thermal conductivity and high insulation so saves electrical energy, Eco- friendly as it replaced natural mineral resources or wood.

Applications in Different Domains

1. Roof ceiling
2. Wall decoration
3. Partition wall

Future Scope:

It can be extended to manufacturing of colourful tiles for house decoration, pavements in gardens, etc. it can give rise to small scale industry and generate employment.

Name of the School: Dalmia Vidya Mandir, Sundergarh (Orissa)

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