Biochemistry Notes for Class 12 “Introduction Biochemistry”



Solutions of chemical reagents are a big part of biochemistry, biological and chemical based work. For a beginner of experimental procedure making solutions can also be the most frustrating part. Preparation and handling solutions are essential part of experimental biochemistry. Thus any of new science graduates should be clear in preparing reagents, buffers, and accuracy in pipeting.

The concentration of a dissolved salt in water refers to the amount of salt (solute) that is dissolved in water (solvent). Solutes are the substance of interest to be dissolved and the term solvent denotes the material in which the solute is dissolved.

Solution is a mixture that contains solute and a solvent. Solute can be denoted as the component of a solution present in the lesser amount and the solvent isthe component of a solution present in the greater amount. Concentration can be written as the amount of a solute present in a solution per amount of solvent.


After reading this lesson, you will be able to:

describe the importance of solution preparation in biochemistry

explain different concentration units

describe different terms of percent solutions

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