Biochemistry Notes for Class 12 Topic “Carbohydrate Metabolism – Yield of ATP” Complete Notes for Class 12

Yield of ATP

At this point the yield of ATP is 4 moles per mole of Glucose as it passes through the Krebs cycle.

This is not much more than the 2 moles which would have been produced from glycolysis.

However, NADH and FADH2 are energy rich molecules

Their oxidation is highly exergonic and is coupled with the production of ATP from ADP

Oxidation of 1 mole NADH produces 3 moles ATP

Oxidation of 1 mole FADH2 produces 2 moles ATP

Thus total ATP yield = (10 × 3) + (2 × 2) + 4 = 38 moles ATP per mole Glucose

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