CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Effluent Treatment System” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Project Name: Effluent Treatment System

Project Theme: Industry

Aim: To make use of creative and modern biotech methods and standard methods to create a low cost Effluent Treatment System.

Scientific Principle Involved: This system involves the usage of many bacteria, the process of sulphation, nitrification, reduction of BOD and chlorination along with standard process of sedimentation.

Materials Used: Used plastic bottles, Cups, waste spring pipes, used wooden sticks, cut mica plates, lemon juice bleaching powder, motors, switches, wires. Working Investigation:

The industrial effluents run into the pseudomonas tank that has perforated strands containing pseudomonas bacteria and E-coli bacteria’s that break the hydrogen-carbon bond in the petroleum parts present in the effluents. Then the whole bacteria treated water runs into blender where the bacteria is mixed thoroughly and then the mixed water goes into sulphator where the effluent’s sulphur compounds get solidified that settle down in the next sedimentation tank while the rest of the effluents move to the nitrobacter tube where the similar method used in pseudomonas tank is used here to mix the half-treated effluents to get converted into nitric acid and then to gaseous nitrogen and nitrates with the help of nitrobacter and nitrosomonas bacteria. Following this, the effluents are last treated in a chlorine tank that kill all bacteria in the water that next moves to the detector which if detects the bacteria sends the water for chlorination again and if not the water is used for non-domestical purposes like reusing in the industry, watering plants and in cleaning roads etc.,.

Utility and Further Scope: This Effective Effluent Treatment System can be utilized in all industries to minimize and treat their effluents properly giving a new life to the waste water further to be used for non domestic purposes. The bacteria used up here also get killed during the process and therefore the remains will add humus to the soil. Nothing remains as a waste in this process.

Name of the School: Shristi Vidyashram, Brahmapuram, Vellor

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