CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Waste Plastic to Oil Unit” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Project Name: Waste Plastic to Oil Unit

Theme : Industry

Objective/Aim: To convert waste plastic into liquid and extract petrol-like fuel from it.

Scientific Principle Involved: When plastic is heated to about 3750C-4150C in the absence of oxygen (pyrolysis), it becomes vapour which can later be condensed to obtain a liquid. When this liquid is distilled at around 800C, petrol like liquid is obtained.

Materials Used: Steel reactor, Heaters, Distillation unit, Control panel, vapour delivery tubes, copper condenser tube, glass jars, Mineral wool for insulation and Supporting frame.

Working Investigation/Findings: It is observed that, the unit performs efficiently and the final product obtained after fractional distillation can be used to run internal combustion engines. Half a kg of plastic yields around 200-250 ml of petrol like liquid.

Utility and Further Scope of the Project: It proves to be a useful method for disposal of waste plastics locally and also helps to solve the problem of scarcity of automobile fuel. If the systemis produced on a large scale, the cost of manufacturing can be reduced. Also, the left over crude oil can be further distilled at round 2500C-3500C to obtain diesel like liquid. The chemical composition of various non-condensable gases released can be tested and suitable remedial measures could be taken to avoid environmental pollution. Other products like grease and tar can be separated and used for various applications.

Name of the School: Jnanadeepa School, Shimoga, Karnataka.

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