CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Recycling of Fly Ash’ Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Recycling of Fly Ash

Project Theme: Industry

Objective/ Aim: The aim of the project is to show how fly ash can be precipitated using electrostatic precipitator and then recycled (utilization of fly ash to generate livelihood)

Scientific Principle Involved: Fly ash that is present in smoke can be precipitated using smoke precipitator  the fly ash dust hence obtained can be utilized to construct roads and embankments, can be used to make bricks  and also can be used to generate electricity.

Materials Used: Plywood, best out of waste (flex board, pipes, straws, rollers), chart paper, baton, metal  strips, mosquito swatter, glue gun, fevi kwik

Working Investigation and Findings: Fly ash produced from coal is disperdsed into air is a serious  environmental concern. Most of the fly ash is still disposed off in land fills. Through the project we would  like to stree upon recycling of fly ash.

Utility and Furher Scope of Project: There are many other areas where fly ash can be utilized like concrete  production, waste stabilization, manufacturing of railway sleepers, to construct embankments and strructural  fills etc. the utilization of fly ash in india is still far behind the goal

Name of the School: Bal Bharti Public School, Sector-14, Rohini

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