English Short Story and Moral Story “Appearance is Often Deceptive” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Appearance is Often Deceptive

One day a deer went to a pool to quench his thirst. The pool water was so clear and still that he could see his reflection in it quite vividly. He looked at the image of his antlers and felt proud of their beauty. Suddenly, his eyes fell on the reflection of his fore-legs. Though slender to look at, they gave him his high speed. But he felt sad seeing them. With heavy heart, he quenched his thirst hardly, had he raised his head when he saw a lion coming towards him. So, he took to his heels and the lion was left far behind. The deer took a sigh of relief. But unfortunately, his antlers got caught in a thicket. He tried his best to be free but could not. In the meantime, the lion came quite closer. The deer now cursed himself for condemning his legs and praising his horns. But now he could do nothing. The lion overtook him and tore him to pieces. The deer was having pride for his horns because of which, he became the food of the lion. On the other hand, he was cursing his legs, which only could save him from the grip of the lion.

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