English Short Story and Moral Story “Blaming Needs Wisdom” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Blaming Needs Wisdom

Once a ship got caught in a violent storm. It wrecked and the waves cast it‘s wrecks on the sands of the shore. Among them was a sailor who lay senseless on the beach. When he came to his senses, he cursed the sea saying, “The sea is a cheat indeed. It attracts people with it‘s cool and calm waters and once they are in it‘s grip, it turns furious and destroys them. “ Hearing his reproach, the sea felt pinched. But it didn‘t want to trouble the sailor anymore. So, it came to the sailor in form of a damsel. “Who are you, O lovely lady? “ asked the sailor. “I am the sea and am as lovely as you see me now. You are blaming me for the wreck but it isn‘t just. “ Surprised, the sailor asked, “Who is just then? “ The sea urged, “The wreck was caused by the cruel winds that blew into gusts and gales over me and created stormy waves in my calm waters. “ The sailor had nothing to say except feeling sorry.

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