English Short Story and Moral Story “A Known Enemy is Always Better” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

A Known Enemy is Always Better

Once upon a time, all goats held a meeting against the cruelty of butchers. They wanted to take revenge for their killings. Each goat expressed her idea about how to carry it out. Some of them went as far as to sharpen their horns saying that they would pierce the bellies of the butcher. Seeing the passion running high, old and wise gout stood up and tried to cool down the other goats. The old goat said, “If we kill the present butchers, some new butchers will take their place. And they will kill us even more mercilessly because of their inexperience. And if we kill them too, more raw-hands will follow. And suppose we kill all the butchers, men will never do without our flesh. They will themselves start killing us. So, drop the idea of killing these butchers. They kill us the easiest way as they know us and our pain well. “

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