English Short Story and Moral Story “Every Coin Has Two Faces” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Every Coin Has Two Faces

Once upon a time a man and a lion were journeying together. To kill time they started talking. For some time they talked happily but then one of them began to boast of his prowess and claimed to be superior to the other. Soon the argument heated up and there was a fear of a fight. Luckily, they came to a cross-road where a beautiful statue stood that showed a man strangulating a lion that looked helpless and was ready to die. The man said, “Look there! Doesn’t it prove my point, Mr. Lion?” The lion replied, “Its your view. But if we lion make statues, we shall show the man under the strong paws of a lion.” The man had no words to reply. So, they both cooled down and moved ahead.

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