English Short Story and Moral Story “Keep Your Goodness Pan Heavier” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Keep Your Goodness Pan Heavier

Every creature, be it animals or human-beings, have some good and some bad points in itself. Once there was a weasel that lived near a house. The owner of the house had a poultry farm and obviously there were a large number of hens. So, the weasel could always get a good meal. He used to feed on all insects present in the house like mice, lizards and other small insects. And if he got none, he would sneak away with some fowl or steal away the owner‘s meat. The owner of the house decided to catch the weasel and kill it and one day he was able to lay hand on it. He was about to kill it when it begged, “Spare me, Sir! I am so useful to you. I clear your home of all the harmful insects. The man said, “I agree with what you say. But the harm you do me is much more than the good you do me. You steal away with my fowls and eat them up. Moreover, steal my meat to enjoy it among the bushes. So, you must be punished and die here and now. “

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