English Short Story and Moral Story “Spot Your Foe Before You Hit” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Spot Your Foe Before You Hit

Once there was a bee-keeper who had developed a good apiary. He used to take good care of the bees and they gathered a lot of honey in the hives. Once the bee-keeper went to the market for some urgent work. The bees had also gone to collect honey and the apiary was left unguarded. Unfortunately, a thief came there and broke into the apiary. Seeing no one over there, he stole all the honey and made for his house. When the bee-keeper returned, he was upset to see all the bee-hives empty. Just then the bees returned with more honey in their mouth. Seeing their hives overturned, they assumed the bee-keeper as the robber as he was standing very much there. So, they attacked him and stung him hard. The bee-keeper cried, “You should have spotted the thief before punishing me. “

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