English Short Story and Moral Story “Dangers Need Rescue Not Snub” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Dangers Need Rescue Not Snub

Once a young boy went for a bath to a river. Unfortunately, he went beyond his depth and water lifted him off his feet. Feeling that he was about to drown, he started shouting for help. A man was passing along the road just close by. He heard the shouts of the boy and rushed to the river-bank. He saw the boy in danger. Instead of saving him, the man started scolding him, “Why are you crying now? You are paying for your carelessness. “ The boy cried, “Sir! Please, save me first otherwise I shall be drowned. You can scold me later on. “ But the man was not wise enough to follow the point. He went on with his rebukes and the strong current carried the poor boy away.

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