English Short Story and Moral Story “Don’t Comply With Wrong Pleas” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Don’t Comply With Wrong Pleas

Once a bat fell down on the ground and was caught by a weasel. The weasel was about to kill it when it begged, “Spare me, please. “ The weasel said, “I can‘t leave you because weasel and birds are enemies. “ The bat argued, “I am not a bird. Don‘t I look like a mouse? “ The weasel agreed and let it go. After few days, another weasel caught the bat. Again it prayed for mercy. The weasel said, “I can‘t leave you. We never spare even a mouse. “But I am not a mouse, I am a bird “, argued the bat. The weasel agreed and set it free.

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