English Short Story and Moral Story “Let The Master Wake Up” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Let The Master Wake Up

Once, a dog and a donkey were going to the town along with their master. At noon, the master unloaded the donkey and settled down under a tree for a nap. The donkey started grazing. The dog also felt hungry. He asked the donkey, “There are some loaves among the load you were carrying. Please give one to me. “ The donkey said, “Sorry! I can‘t. Let the master wake first. He will feed you then. “ Just then a wolf came there. The donkey pleaded with the dog to help him. The dog replied, “I am not strong enough to deal with the wolf. Let the master wake up. He will help you then. “ The donkey realized his folly and said sorry to the dog.

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