English Short Story and Moral Story “Never Fight Over Trifles” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Never Fight Over Trifles

It was high summer. A traveller hired a donkey and set out on a journey. The owner of the donkey was following behind to drive the beast. At mid-day, they decided to take rest for some time but couldn‘t find any shady place around. So, the traveller decided to rest in the shade of the donkey. But the owner didn‘t let him do so as he himself wanted to sit in its shadow. The traveller said, “How can you refuse me the shadow? I have paid you money after all. “ “But you have paid for the ride, not for resting in his shadow “, retorted the owner. So, an argument followed between the two. When the donkey saw that the owner and the hirer were busy fighting, he took to his heels and was soon out of sight.

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