English Short Story and Moral Story “Stay Away From Distant Dangers” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Stay Away From Distant Dangers

Once upon a time there was an archer. He was a dead shot and could shoot targets at a distance too. One day he went to a forest to sport with his bow and arrow. Seeing him, all the animals fled away to save their lives. He felt very happy to see this. But lion didn’t run away and challenged him with a loud roar. So, the archer decided to punish him. He shot an arrow at the lion that hit him. The lion realized the truth and ran away. But a fox who had seen all what had happened said to him, “ Don‘t be a coward. Put up a brave fight. “ But the lion said, “What for? If his arrow can do that, he himself will be more terrible than death even.

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