English Short Story and Moral Story “Christmas Surprise” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Christmas Surprise


It was two days before Christmas. Harry, Cornelius, Monty and I were busy building a snowman when Fritz appeared with his little niece Emily and introduced her. “Emily is from the South and has never seen snow before, “ Fritz told us. “She doesn‘t know much about our winters. “ It turned out Emily also didn‘t know much about Christmas. “Who is Santa Claus, Waldo? “ she asked me, shivering in the cold air. “Santa Claus, “ I explained, “brings presents and toys to human children at Christmas time. “ “Does he also bring presents to animal children? “ Emily asked. “Well, “ I said, “he hasn‘t been around this part of the forest for many years. I guess he is too busy visiting all the human children to have much time left for animals. “ “Do you think he will come if I write to him? “ Emily asked. “I don‘t think so, “ said Monty. “I‘ve never seen him, myself. “ “Neither have I, “ Harry added, shaking his head. “You see. Santa Claus is only for human children, “ Fritz said to Emily. “So forget about the whole idea. Let‘s go home now before you catch a cold. “

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