English Short Story and Moral Story “The Hidden Treasure” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

The Hidden Treasure


This is a short story about how hard work rewards? There was an old man living in his village. He had four sons and they were very lazy. The old man fell sick and was counting his last days in bed. He worried a lot about his sons‘ future as the young men hesitated a lot to work. The sons believed that luck would favour them. The old man‘s health deteriorated every day and decided to talk to his sons about their future. However, his sons did not listen to him. The Old man played a trick to let their sons realize the importance of work. One day, the old man called all his sons and let them sit near him in his bed. He said he had a treasure box with gold coins and expensive gems for them and wanted to share the treasure equally and lead a happy, prosperous life. The young men were very happy and asked where his father placed the treasure. The old man replied them ‘I cannot exactly remember the place where I had hidden the treasure from the others. However, the treasure box is buried in our land. I‘m really not sure about the place where I had hidden the treasure box.‘ Even though the lazy young sons were happy, they were sad that the old man forgot the place where the treasure was hidden. After a few days, the old man died. The sons decided to dig the land to find the treasure box. They worked very hard and dug their land. They could not find any treasure box in the land. They decided to dig a spot in their land that remained a bit different from the rest of the area. The sons believed that the treasure was buried in that spot. They dug the specific spot so deeply, got nothing but water. A passerby who noticed the dug land and water flowing from a spot talked to the sons about agriculture. They sowed vegetable seeds and planted greens and flower plants in their land. Since the land became very fertile with abundant water, within a few weeks the land became a fertile garden with nutritious vegetables and greens. The young sons sold the vegetables at a good price and earned a good amount of money. Then they realized that it was the hard work that was mentioned as ‘Treasure Box‘ by their father. They defeated their laziness, worked hard, earned more money and lived happily. Hard Work Always Pay.

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