English Short Story and Moral Story “Unconditional Love” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Unconditional Love


John was a 10 year old boy. Just like any other boy of his age, he had the usual tantrums with his mother. Sometimes he obeyed what she said and what his father said, and sometimes he would completely ignore them. Since this was very common in kids, John‘s mom did not worry a lot. It was an unexpected holiday announced by the school of John and he had 5 holidays. He spent a good time with his mother. She took him for outings, they went to beach and amusement parks, had delicious dining, she cooked his favourite foods and played with him. Three days were left and John‘s mother wanted to clean the house and she wanted to involve John in cleaning. She asked him to help her and as a surprise, he also accepted. Everything was done to perfection. John‘s mummy was surprised with his act. While she was cooking the dinner meal, John gave her a piece of paper, written by him. Since his mom was busy cooking, she asked him to place the paper on the dining table. After cooking the meals, she took the paper left by his son and was shocked to see what he wrote! The piece of paper contained this list: For cutting grass in the garden – Rs. 300 For Cleaning my Room – Rs. 250 For helping you in the kitchen – Rs. 200 For buying milk and fruits for you – Rs. 50 For taking care of my sister when you were shopping – Rs. 250 For removing the garbage – Rs. 100 Total you owe – Rs. 1150 /- She was literally shocked! She didn‘t speak a word and wrote in a paper and gave it to her son. She wrote: For carrying you nine months – No Charge For getting severely sick when you were growing inside me – No Charge For sleepless nights taking care of you for several months – No Charge Mother and SonFor soothing you without getting annoyed whenever you troubled – No Charge For heartfelt prayers and passing through those dreadful days when you met with an accident when you were 3 years – No Charge Innumerable days spent without calmness and peace of mind thinking about your present and future – No Charge For taking care of you like a precious gift I never had in my life – No Charge You Owe: ——————————- The boy was in tears and rushed to his mom and gave a tight hug that he had never done before. John, unable to look at her, told, ‘Mom I love you! I‘m sorry for everything!‘ She kissed on his forehead. John crushed the paper he wrote and threw into dustbin. We don‘t understand the love of a mother, the unconditional love!

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