English Story and Moral Story “Boy and Hazelnuts” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Boy and Hazelnuts

A very greedy boy saw a jar of hazelnuts standing on a table. It was very very full. He licked his lips and stole up to the jar. Plunging his hand inside, he grabbed the biggest handful he could take.

“ Hazelnuts! I love hazelnuts!

“ he said. But the boy had picked up so many nuts that he could not pull his hand out of the jar. He was angry, and then he started crying. If he let the nuts go, he would be able to take his hand out of the jar, but he wanted those nuts so badly. An onlooker helped him.

“ Don‘t be so greedy

“ said the man.

“ If you take half the amount of hazelnuts, your hand will come out of the jar easily!

Don‘t attempt too much at one time

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