English Story and Moral Story “Crab and His Mother” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Crab and His Mother

A crab lived with his mother at the bottom of the sea. The mother crab was very very proud of her son, but she was always nagging and nagging at him to do better. One morning she noticed her son scuttling across the sea bed in the sideways motion that crabs have.

“ I wish you would walk forwards,“

said the mother crab.

“ It would look so much nicer!“

“I will mother, answered the son, if you will show me how.“

The crab tried and tried and tried but she found that she too could only walk sideways, as crabs can only walk sideways! And so, she finally gave up and didn‘t criticize her son any longer.

We should not criticize people for what is not their fault.

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