English Story and Moral Story “Hunter and Woodman” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Hunter and Woodman

A hunter, armed with a rifle, walked bravely through the forest, saying loudly that he was looking for a lion to shoot. Secretly, he was not really as brave as he seemed. After a long walk, he came across a woodman cutting a tree. The hunter stopped.

“ Hello! I‘m looking for the tracks of a lion. Can you tell me where I might find them?“

The woodman put down his axe and nodded.

“ Yes, certainly! Come with me and I will show you the lion himself!“

At this, the hunter turned pale and his knees shook, for he was very scared.

“N-N-No, thank you!“

he said, turning and running away.

“ I‘m not looking for the lion himself, I only wished to find his tracks!“

People are not always as brave as they say they are.

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