English Story and Moral Story “The Little Pine Tree” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

The Little Pine Tree

A little pine tree lived in a wood. He didn‘t have any leaves, he only had needles.

One day, the little pine tree said:

“ I don‘t want these needles, I don‘t like them! All the other trees have leaves and I want leaves too, but mine will be prettier. I want gold leaves!“

Night came, and the little tree went to sleep.

A fairy came by and gave it gold leaves.

When the little tree woke, it had gold leaves!

“Oh, I am so pretty!“

it said.

“No other tree has gold leaves!“

Night came and a man came by with a bag.

He saw the gold leaves, took them all and stole them. The poor little tree cried.

“ I do not want gold leaves again. I will have glass leaves!“

So the little tree went to sleep and the fairy came by again and put glass leaves on it.

The little tree woke up and saw its beautiful glass leaves. How pretty it looked in the sunshine! No other tree was so bright.

Then a wind came up and it blew and it blew.

The glass leaves all fell from the tree and were broken. Again, the little tree had no leaves and it was very sad. It said:

“ I will not have gold leaves, and I will not have glass leaves. I want green leaves. I want to be just like all the other trees.“

The little tree went to sleep. The fairy came by and gave it green leaves. When the little tree woke up, it was like all the other trees. It had green leaves.

A goat came by. He saw the green leaves on the little tree. The goat was hungry and he ate all the leaves. Then the little tree was very sad and said:

“ I do not want any leaves. I don‘t want gold leaves, I don‘t want glass leaves and I don‘t want green leaves. I like my needles best.“

And the little tree went to sleep. The fairy came by and gave it back its needles. When the little tree awoke, it had its needles again. The little pine tree was very happy.

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