English Story and Moral Story “Traveller and His Dog” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Traveller and His Dog

A man was just about to set out. He was going on a very long journey. He was rather fussy and he truly wanted everything to be perfect. In order to make sure that everything would be perfect he spent days and days getting ready. He tidied everything up in his house and he prepared a great deal of food. When he was ready he put on his travelling clothes and put his backpack on his back. Only then did he leave the house. His dog was waiting for him outside.

“ Why are you sitting there doing nothing?“

grumbled his owner.

“ Do I have to do everything? Come on, get ready to come with me!“

The dog wagged his tail politely.

“ But I am ready, master,“

he said,

“ I have been waiting for you!“

We tend to blame others for our own mistakes.

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