Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Is pen mightier than Sword?” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Is pen mightier than Sword?

Paragraph : 01

In the short-term it might seem that violence is more powerful as some people sadly turn to violence as a way of resolving disputes.

However in the long-term, violence achieves nothing and as even causes further damage. As such, violence is not strong, but weak. Below are five key reasons why the pen is mightier than the sword.

  1. Appeals more to our rationality: humans are rational beings and a reasoned debate appeals much more to our sense of rationality and our love of thinking things through than violence does.
  1. Dispute resolution: language is a peaceful way to resolve disputes and to let everyone have their say. One exception is when language is very inflammatory and is designed to incite listeners or readers to violence. In this situation, the distinction between pen and sword – between language and violence – can be said to collapse.
  1. No regrets: violence brings with it immense regrets, as its devastating consequences often cannot be undone. When we read a piece of text, however, we have time to think it through and act only when we have decided on the best course of action; as such, the pen brings fewer regrets. It enables us to ponder and plan our actions rather than simply reacting angrily in the heat of the moment.
  1. Achievement: in the long run – and, usually in the short run too – violence achieves nothing. Rather the peaceful arts of persuasion, rationality and the genuine striving to create a world free of violence will achieve much more for humankind. This can be summed up in a single sentence: violence achieves nothing.
  1. Long lasting: a well written novel or carefully thought our philosophical treatise will last for centuries – or more. By contrast, a violent act will fizzle out and will not only last long in the history books only in a negative sense, it will also probably destroy more than it creates. So, the pen is mightier than the sword quite simply because its effects last longer and can be appreciated by humans for many years to come.

Conclusion: The less violence that there is in the world, the better place it becomes. There are so many reasons why the pen is mightier than the sword. For instance, language achieves much more than violence does, and its achievements will last much longer than the effects of violence. Moreover, peace has a power of its own that is more of a true power than the false illusions of strength that are associated with violence.


Paragraph : 02

Pen is Mighter than Sword

“The Pen is mighter than the Sword”—this is a saying that is often quoted and it is quite true. It means that what is written by the great thinkers of the world can change the world_ the pen writes down on paper what the destiny of the country will be and sometimes even a war fought with the use of the sword becomes ineffective before the strength of the written word.

The sword is representative of force and oppression. One resorts to it when one fails to convince anyone with arguments. It is the immediate weapon of one who is intolerant and not rational. In order to see his ideas materialize, he uses the force of the sword.

History is replete with examples to justify new changes in the system-political, social or economic were made with the sword. The youth of the country were trained to use the sword. Many wars and battles were fought with the sword.

It never occurred to Hitler or Mussolini that desirable changes can be brought into the system with the help of the pen. They used violence and millions of homes were broken as a result. People lost their lives and each time a war is fought, the country has to pay a heavy price for it.

However, in a democratic set-up we no longer believe in the use of force to voice our ideas. We can express our ideas in a book and justify our theory logically. It is up to the reader to believe in what is written or not. It is thus a peaceful manner of voicing our ideas and bringing about change. The pen can do wonders in any democratic set-up. In regimated countries it can be used by the government to indoctrinate their people.

If today’s citizen of the world continues to depend on the sword, it reflects on his refusal to become civilized. The sword may be used only in cases where argument and persuasion utterly fail.

The pen can influence the psyche of society. Those who read the works of the great philosophers are bound to be somewhat influenced by them and they can adopt a way of life that brings peace to themselves as well as to those who live around them. Modem man is realizing the importance of the pen and the written word.

The press, the magazines, the journals, books on history, politics, social sciences etc. help to shape the destiny of the people. They lay down the codes of conduct for us and if we follow these we are bound to create a society that is in harmony with the rest of the world and peace will always lead to progress.

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