Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Marxism” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.


Marxism is communism which is also known as ‘Scientific Socialism’. Communism being a politico-economic doctrine in the extreme and violent form of revolutionary socialism which springs from the despair of conquering political power by peaceful means.

Communism came as a challenge against the political and economic order of society under capitalism and promises a new order of society with sufficient production, equitable distribution and a feeling of fraternity between man and man.

Marx’s primary concern was to provide a theory of scientific socialism to prove that the destruction of the capitalist system was inevitable. The basis for such a theory of social and political change was provided by dialectics. The different schools of modern socialism and communism derive their inspiration from the writings of Karl Marx. While all communists are socialists all socialists are not communists.

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