Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Book Fair” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Book Fair



Fair has attracted people for years. Its appeal is eternal. Fair is organized on the occasion of religious festival, cultural programme, and sporting event or to mark any ceremony.


It is a gathering crowd irrespective of cast, creed or religion. Now-a-days, its circumference has extended to the arena of science, technology, leather, garments and industry, etc. But the latest in addition is the book fair.


A book fair is like a feast of books. To eye books of so many varieties and that too in a large number at a time is really a wonderful experience. One can easily choose his liked one from the heap of novels, short stories, poems, maps, arts, dictionaries, cook books, encyclopedias, etc.


The book fairs showcases both Indian and international books. The publishers form foriegn countries such as Germany, France, Bangladesh, Britain, etc. come here to display their books.


One can find attractive books written in different Indian languages and also Indian and foreign books either translated into English or other Indian languages. Books of the history, geography and culture of different parts of India are available in the fair. Thousands of people visit the fair, buy books and place order for more books.


In Delhi the world book fair is held at Pragati Maidan. The biggest world book fair is organized by Germany called the Frankfurt world book fair.


In India, National Book Trust organizes several book-fairs in different states. The book fair is an appetizer for further reading.


That apart, a book fair has many more attraction. Famous writers sign autographs before selling a book on the spot. Cultural programme is staged every day. Furthermore, there are film shows, seminars and open debates too. But books have become very costly today. The government and publishers must look into the matter in order to help the reader collect his book in a cost effective price to keep his attraction up for books.

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