Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Celebration of the eid – ul – fitr” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.


Celebration of the eid – ul – fitr



This year I celebrated the eid-ul-fitr with due religious solemnity and purity. In the morning of the Eid I found my mother and sisters preparing solemnity and purity. In the morning of the Eid day I found my morning I woke up and said my fazar prayers. I went to the pond and took my bath with sweet smelling soap. Then I came to our house. I ate some sweets. Then I put on new dress and started for the Eidgah. I found people coming to the maidan. I saw the imam speaking about the significance if month long fasting and the eid-ul-fitr. Biryani was cooked at our house on the occasion. In the afternoon I went to the house of near and dear ones and exchanged greetings with them. I got much pleasure. Thus I spent the afternoon.


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