Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Change in entertainment” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Change in entertainment


Change is the order of nature because we know the proverb that old order change the yielding the new. Today what is new grows old tomorrow. So, nothing remains new forever. Superseded by new, modified and modern forms of entertainment. Many of them of don’t exist any longer. Today TV channels and satellite have superseded radio. Football is losing its appeal day by day and cricket and other games are becoming popular more and more. Our ideas about the forms of entertainment have also changed. We’ve started to look upon our way of life in a new way. Man’s life is full of cares and anxieties. Life becomes dull because of monotonous work. So, he wants to enjoy life and get relief from monotonous work. For this reason, there are various forms of entertainment. These forms of entertainment help man to be jolly. But at present, it’s a matter of great regret that our time honoured forms of entertainment are on the wane. Our old culture and tradition are going to be replaced by foreign entertainment. One day, time will come when we will lose our age old forms of entertainment and we won’t have any culture of our own. As a result, we won’t have our own national identity. So, we all should come forward to save our culture and at the same time develop them.

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